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My name is oyinda and I'm 15. I'm a feminist and I want a bike.

there are people i really dislike at the moment. it’s like my will to tolerate them as snapped in half and i don’t care enough to stick them back together. its odd, because its people i used to consider my friend but now its just disintegrating. sometimes things are just not meant to last

snowrcrystal asks: What's white feminism?


Lena Dunham

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i feel kinda like i like someone but i’m not really bothered about doing anything about it. like sometimes i get a bit crazy but whatever this is very calm and passing but still present. if i walk past them or something, in that moment it’s like “hey, wow” and then that feeling lingers but not glaringly, blatantly lingering. its nice



King Krule “Baby Blue”

my sandpaper sigh engraves a line
into the rust of your tongue
girl i could’ve been someone to you
would have painted the skies blue
baby blue

aaah. i hear heaven

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i hate the difference between Who I Am and how i act. Like what i think and what i say. I try to stay honest and i think i do OK but idk. It’s hard

how to get a boyfriend


put peanut butter on a pinecone and roll it in bird seed. hang it up outside. wait.