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My name is oyinda and I'm 15. I'm a feminist and I want a bike.

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I’m not eating calories, I’m eating food. I need food to survive.

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casual racism includes:

the way people trivialize black women so much to the point where fat black women are constantly the subject of gifs and nobody will admit that it’s because they enjoy the stereotype of the “big black ghetto woman” doing something like “ahh praise da lawd” or “ohh babe” or some shit like that 

emo is just an acronym for eat me out

ha ha 

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when can androgyny stop being portrayed as such a specific style

like ok. apparently you have to be skinny, thin, white, and masculine to be considered by society as non binary or androgynous???


androgyny is so fucking fat phobic and racist and anti feminine and that needs to be dismantled nOW

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Drake - Come Thru

drake is just gr8 and a whole lot of other gd things 

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